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Nursing Home and Home Health Agency Training Made Easy..

We have the training package to keep your nursing assistants (CNAs and HHAs) up to speed and in compliance no matter what the size of your organization. If what we offer doesn't meet your needs, just let us know - We will cheerfully tailor a training package to meet your facilites' unique needs.

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You Will be Given All the Materials You Need to Present the Inservice to Your Staff


You Pick the Inservice for the Month Your Staff can Watch a Video Course or Read Material to Meet Your Monthly Training Requirements


  • You Pick the Inservice for the Month
  • Present the Inservice Using the Materials Provided
  • Assign the Inservice - Staff Receives an email with Instructions. Staff has 31 days to complete the course.
  • You Have a Record of Staff Training that You can Check or Print Anytime you Wish.
  • You Can Print and Sign Personalized Training Certificates


  • Choose How You Want Staff to Learn the Material:
    • Classroom Instruction
    • Watch a Video Course
    • Print and Read the Course Material
    • Read the Course on Computer, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Staff Completes a Short Online Quiz to Demonstrate Learning

Print or Video Course and Online Quiz

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To get started, you will pick a Course, the Month you want your staff to complete the training and the number of staff.

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