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California Home Care Aide Training

California Home Care Aides

If you are a Home Care Aide in California and need 5 hours of annual training, you have come to the right place! You can get all 5 required hours of training listed below for

only $14.99. To earn your hours, you will watch videos, take a short quiz, then you can print your certificate of completion (or email it to your employer).

Entry Level Training

Meet the Initial Training Requirements for your Home Care Aides for only $14.99! Your purchase will provide Initial Training to as many staff as you want for 1 year from the date of purchase.

The initial training package includes the 5 courses below.

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Annual Training

Train Your Home Care Aides Easily and Inexpensively.

Get 5 hours of Annual Training for only $14.99.
Have your staff take the 5 courses below to meet your annual CA Home Care Aide training requirements.

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  • Home Care Aide - Roles and Responsibilities
  • How to Handle Basic Medical Emergencies
  • Patient Safety Preventing Falls
  • OSHA and Your Workplace
  • Infection Control


  • Clients' Rights and Safety
  • How to Provide for and Respond to a Client's Daily Living Needs (ADLs)
  • How to Report, Prevent, and Detect Abuse and Neglect
  • How to Assist a Client with Personal Hygiene and Other Home Care Services
  • If transportation services are provided: How to Safely Transport a Client

The California Home Care Services
Consumer Protection Act

AB-1217 Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act lists the training requirements for California Home Care Aides:

Article 8. Affiliated Home Care Aides 1796.44.

  1. A home care organization licensee shall ensure that prior to providing home care services, an affiliated home care aide shall complete the training requirements specified in this section.
  2. An affiliated home care aide shall complete a minimum of five hours of entry-level training prior to presence with a client, as follows:
    1. Two hours of orientation training regarding his or her role as caregiver and the applicable terms of employment.
    2. Three hours of safety training, including basic safety precautions, emergency procedures, and infection control.
  3. In addition to the requirements in subdivision (b), an affiliated home care aide shall complete a minimum of five hours of annual training. The annual training shall relate to core competencies and be population specific, which shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas:
    1. Clients' rights and safety.
    2. How to provide for and respond to a client’s daily living needs.
    3. How to report, prevent, and detect abuse and neglect.
    4. How to assist a client with personal hygiene and other home care services.
    5. If transportation services are provided, how to safely transport a client.
  4. The entry-level training and annual training on department-approved job-related topics described in subdivisions (b) and (c) may be completed through an online training program.